THE CHOICE is a short horror level about exploring an ominous mansion. This was made in a "Level Design" Module and is once again created with the help of my partner (portfolio). While she did the design, asset placement and writing for the game, I coded shaders, the dialogue system and all the triggers.

This project gave me a chance to show off (but more importantly learn and develop) my shader skills in Unity. Shown below is a GIF of the main menu effect.

The effect that took me the longest to complete was the colour shader. The idea behind this effect is that the game world is fully grey scale with no colours at all, some pockets can be added using this shader that renders the textures and can add some more colour to the shaded pocket. Whilst developing this shader I decided that 3 different pocket types would be needed, the below image demonstrates static, tracked, and walkable positions.

  • Static positions do not change in size of location.

  • Tracked positions do no change in size however can be moved around in the game world.

  • Walkable positions cannot be moved around in the game world however can change size depending on it's distance to other objects.

Below is an animation depicting the walkable colour spots changing in size depending on their distance to the player. In this configuration they stay at maximum size once they are walked upon. This particular effect is an effort to guide the player through the game world as intended so that they do not get lost and not know where to go next.

Here is a quick screenshot of what the colour shader script looks like in the editor.

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